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Click to Chelate
2006-12-11 3223

JACS에 발표된 Click chemistry를 이용한 킬레이션가능한 리간드에 대한 논문입니다.

“Click to Chelate”: Synthesis and Installation of Metal Chelates into
Biomolecules in a Single Step

Click chemistry has been employed for the assembly of novel and efficient triazole-based multidentate chelating systems while simultaneously attaching them to molecules of biological interest. The "click-to-chelate" approach offers a powerful new tool for the modification of (bio)molecules with metal chelators for potential diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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2   Chemistry Highlights 2006_C&E News 서재웅 01-05 2752
  Click to Chelate 관리자 12-11 3224
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